Worship @ Southwood

We invite all to come worship with us, no matter your background.  We worship the one true Living God.  We worship Him in spirit and in truth.  We recognize that Christ is supreme in all things.  Christ is not supreme in all things because we recognize He is, but, in fact, Christ is supreme in all things, and we recognize that.

Although our Worship service is not the most important part of our week, it is the only time during the week that we, as believers, can worship our God together, and that makes our Worship service a special time for us.  If you are a believer, please know that you are welcome to worship the Living Christ with us.

If you are not a believer, please know that you are welcome to come find out how to worship the only God who died for our sins, rose from the grave, and ascended back to heaven.  Worship is something that all believers do individually, and in many ways, but, on Sunday morning, it’s something that Southwood believers do together, and you are welcome to join us.

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